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About Us

Hanover SEO Agency knows exactly what needs be done to rank your website on the top of Page 1

Who Are We?

Hanover SEO started in 2015 with a mission of helping every business become more successful through online marketing strategies that increase traffic, customers and ultimately sales.

We are consistently stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge SEO training and new techniques to make sure we know what changes Google is making and how to stay ahead of the competition.

We can also help you redesign your website and build in certain elements of engagement that will increase your conversion rate and increase the number of potential clients contacting you.

How Are We Different?

We know exactly what to do to rank your website because we have tested strategies over and over. Other companies will use old terms like meta keywords, description, ect. We can rank a page in Google without any of these elements in tact. 

We operate much like a law firm with a small litigation team ready to take the fight to the judge (google) and argue on your behalf on why you should be ranked well.

We only take on a limited number of clients at a time to ensure that our attention, focus, and quality can be at the highest. We work counter-intuitively from the work we perform.

Our greatest joy has been taking on new clients from referrals of our existing clients.  Our prices are competitive and the value is immense.

We would love to come along side your business and help you succeed. The first step is to fill out our contact form, so we can learn a little more about your business and whether we’d be a good fit to help you online.

Hanover SEO Team Does All The Work

Hand crafted. We control every link, every mention, every social signal that we create. Our SEO is future proof because we do all work in house by our team of internet marketing professionals.

Paul has been an the IT and digital marketing industry for over 20 years now. He is passionate about helping local businesses excel through online marketing and SEO, and will guide you in the right direction to excel online.